Sudoku Videos

Many people love to read articles and study diagrams on solving sudoku puzzles and many more would rather sit back and watch a video. Myself many times I would much rather a video than go through a long book or check out an in-depth page on various sudoku tips. I have added some sudoku videos to the main page of the website that you can check out if you also would rather sit back and watch a video instead.

The two videos I posted in that page are for those who are new to sudoku, the first video is a step by step solving demonstration to help guide you past your first puzzle. The second is about a strategy known as x-wings and is a great technique you can use to help you solve sudoku. If you would rather sit back with a coffee and learn how to solve sudoku through videos than feel free to go to that page and check them out.

Printable Sudoku’s

One of the great advantages of the internet when it comes to sudoku is that you can quickly do a search online and find tons of free sudoku puzzles you can download and print. While printable sudoku puzzles have been around a long time now their popularity doesn't end. instead of spending hours of your time visiting book stores and spending your money on sudoku books you can quickly download a whole series of puzzles to your computer and start to print them out.

We have added several sudoku books in pdf form that you can download now and use to keep you solving for a long time. The puzzle books require that you have the free adobe pdf reader installed on your system to use, but if you don't have them you can get them free by visiting adobe's main website.


Each puzzle book contains 25 printable sudoku puzzles with matching solutions, simply find the one you like print out and enjoy.

Sudoku Solvers

Anyone who has spent any time solving sudoku puzzles have come across times when despite the best attempts that just can't seem to get past a hard puzzle. It happens to everyone usually on the harder level puzzles. But for those times when you just can't get past the last few cells, there is an application you can use called a sudoku solver that will help you solve the puzzle in just seconds.

Using them is very simple, you just enter in the digits of an unfinished puzzle press a button and the solver will complete all the unsolved cells in just seconds. There are several online solvers available you can use and if this is the first time you have ever heard about them you should take a few minutes to check them out. They really are simple to use and after a few tries you will be able to solve any future sudoku you may be stuck on quickly and easily in just seconds.

Solving sudoku quickly

After a while when you have mastered the easier puzzles and have solved a few killer puzzles you will find that you will want to learn how to solve sudoku faster and probably spend some time practicing the more advanced strategies. Now many people may say that they have a killer sudoku tip you can use to really speed up your solving speeds. But really to get fast at sudoku you need to keep solving more and more puzzles.

Speed comes with practice, first you should try to just solve a puzzle correctly without worrying about how long it takes. If it takes you much longer than normal that's ok, Just keep working the puzzles and you will find that over time your solving speed gets better and better.

Now there are some more advanced strategies you can use that will help you fill in any missing cells that you are trying to figure out. If you have already mastered the more basic tips take some time to learn the advanced tactics and apply them to your puzzles.

learning how to solve sudoku puzzles

A new article was just added to the blog to help teach you how to play sudoku puzzles if you are just starting out. One of the hardest things for new players is to get past the first few cells and begin to make progress with whatever level sudoku they are trying to solve. In this article we give helpful advice and sound strategies you can follow to begin finishing your first puzzle.

Most will quickly be able to move to the medium level puzzles after a short period of time. However if you find that you are getting stuck at a certain level, just keep practicing. Solving sudoku takes time and patience and while you feel that it takes a while, time will pass by and before you know it soon you will be completing killer level puzzles.

The trick is to take it one step at a time, and apply all the solving techniques you have learned until they become second nature.